The year 2017 was quite an exciting year for the pizza industry. The pizza industry earned about $134 billion worldwide, with $45.1 billion accounted for in the U.S. pizza market.

And while the number of pizzerias went down, their average unit sales and overall sales skyrocketed in 2017.

Hungry Howie’s® earned a spot in the top 50 pizza chains by PMQ Magazine. We landed number 12 by sales, number 7 by units, and number 37 by average sales per unit. And, as we walk into 2018, we're hopeful those numbers will continue to improve.

Let’s take a close look back at the pizza...


One of the biggest benefits of pizza is that people crave it all year long. You might know there are certain low seasons in pizza sales. However, we certainly experience high sale seasonal patterns in the pizza franchise world.

In some stores, business is driven by tourist seasons, which is why marketing to locals and tourists is a key strategy to continue driving sales even when tourists are gone. In 2017, chain stores are expected to reach over 25 billion in total sales, while independent pizzerias can expect over 18 billion in total sales. That’s an exponential growth of 7.39% as...


A franchise’s social media channels are not to show off their follower count. The real value of social media lies in its capacity to offer you valuable insight into your customer’s mind, the ability to make your franchise user-friendly, and the ease in marketing your franchise.

If by now you are not entirely convinced that social media makes a difference in your business, perhaps these top three reasons why you need to use social media to market your franchise will.

1. Boost Brand Awareness – Hashtags

Whether you like it or not, the truth is that up to 37 percent of users use...


Supply chains, or approved suppliers, are suppliers that a franchisor has researched and approved to provide their products or services to the system’s franchisees. A franchise system’s supply chain is an important factor in determining whether or not the system functions effectively and will continue to expand. Through consistency, franchisors are able to ensure that customers have a consistent experience, thus creating a scalable business model. This, in turn, reinforces the brand.

Hungry Howie’s national distribution network supports their franchisees with reliable service and...


Many young entrepreneurs (often recent college graduates) have become interested in the idea of buying a franchise. For a young businessperson, the idea of running their own business sounds incredibly appealing, and a franchise could provide a safer path for them to follow.

In fact, there has been a 6% spike in young franchise owners since 2006. And while this number may seem small, it is imperative in the franchise world, which has usually been ruled by a more experienced population.

Young people have big aspirations, and with franchising they can grow to become as big as...


Becoming a leader isn’t something that happens overnight, but hard work and commitment can get you there. Being a community leader is a greatly fulfilling role. As a franchise owner, you can do a lot for the community by using your skills and ability as a leader to help others.

Becoming a leader in your community has many benefits. First, it gives you the opportunity to be involved in local events. Second, it provides a pathway to new relationships that will affect your business in many positive ways. Third, it will improve the reputation of your business among local residents and...


Now that you are a successful Hungry Howie’s franchisee, what’s next? Have you considered becoming a multi-unit franchisee? Multi-unit ownership used to be the exception, not the rule, but that is changing. In fact, multi-unit franchisees represent 76.5% of franchised restaurants.

Multi-unit franchisees often survive better because they have better access to infrastructure, capital, and human resources. And they have the ability to grow faster than single operators. Hungry Howie’s offers multi-unit franchises in...


One of the biggest perks people see in the franchise sector is the opportunity to become their own boss. The change to being a leader is invigorating and also an exciting challenge. Franchisees are very diverse. Some have been highly successful senior managers leading large groups, others might just be stepping out of college with little business experience.

While every franchisee is different, franchises offers the support and guidance everyone needs to succeed. This means no one is embarking on this adventure alone. And while the franchisor may oversee things a certain way, the...


There could be hundreds of pizza franchises in the country, but not one compares to Hungry Howie’s. We built our company as a family owned enterprise, and over 550 stores in 21 states later, we are still a family business.

While there are a million reasons we believe Hungry Howie’s is the best pizza franchise in the country, today we want to share three great reasons our focus on flavor, innovative technology, and community make us the best of the best.

1. We Own Flavor

When we say we own flavor, we are telling the truth. We created our original Flavored Crust® Pizza with...


For any business owner, a business infrastructure provides a strategy map to the company’s growth. An infrastructure plan provides details on everyday operations, practices, and employees – including the franchisee. Each element of the infrastructure plan should be analyzed. Think of the business infrastructure plan as a resource for the business to mature and thrive into the future.

Here are five ideas for preparing your franchise infrastructure for growth.

Label Departments

Lay out an organization chart to detail each position needed to run the business, ranging from CEO...