Business ethics are practices and policies that outline the way franchise owners should handle specific issues that could be labeled as controversial. These issues may include social responsibilities, bribery, discrimination, and so on.

Certain laws govern specific ethical business practices, and there are additional ethical business practices within companies, implemented by executives and leaders within the organization.

Ensure Leadership Demonstrates Proper Behavior

Proper behavior often trickles down from the top within a company. It is fundamental that leaders, meaning...


As business owners, franchisees have to learn to master the art of networking. Because within the franchise industry we are in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves. Networking is a pivotal element to expand and grow your franchising business.

When a franchise opportunity knocks on your door, having the right networking connections can help you expand your business and learn more about franchising.

Ways to Connect with the Franchise Community

Networking within the franchise community...


The pizza industry has experienced some recent promising years, accounting for nearly $426 billion in 2017 alone. As the franchise industry continues to evolve, adjusting to consumer demands, technological innovations, and market trends, the pizza industry by 2020 is giving franchisees and potential franchise owners plenty to look forward to.

The Rise of the Fast-Food Market

Fast-food in America and the rest of the world is not going anywhere anytime soon. In 2017, the fast-food market was reported to be worth $134 billion. It is expected to reach $690.80 billion by 2020, with an...


It seems today our entire lives are connected. Our watches connect to our phones, our phones connect to our cars. Even our kitchen ovens can be connected to some sort of smart device. Having an operating system that allows franchise business owners to stay connected with their franchise no matter where they are is invaluable.

That’s where HOME comes in.

It took Hungry Howie’s® CEO, Steve Jackson, a few years to realize his company needed the technology in place to stay ahead of the game and boost not only productivity but sales.

Once he understood Hungry Howie’s needed...


Franchise owners need to stay ahead of the game when it comes to marketing strategies and business development. One of the biggest things franchisees must master to spur growth is marketing.

While in most cases, the franchisor is the one who handles marketing campaigns and so on, franchise owners need to understand how the marketing process works.

If you are unsure where to start in 2018, here are some franchise marketing tips to make the most out of this New Year and boost your sales, your influence, and your business by the end of the year. In 2018 these are the best pieces...


The year 2017 was an exciting year for the Hungry Howie’s® franchising community. Through our Franchising Blog, we continued to provide our franchisees and those looking into our franchise opportunities with ongoing support and educational content to help them achieve success in their businesses, and their personal life.

As we look back at 2017, we have rounded up the articles that captured most of your attention.

3 Reasons Why We Think Hungry Howie’s® is the...


Being a business owner can be overwhelming. Between trying to find your work/life balance, keeping your business afloat, and encouraging your employees to achieve more goals, you end up with little to no energy to maintain motivation. But, don't despair. These practices will give you the push you need.

Find a Business Hero

Do you have a business hero? Think about that one person that you look up to, business-wise. It doesn’t have to be someone within the franchise industry, it could be anyone. Think about three or five entrepreneurs you admire.

Once you find those...


The franchise industry keeps growing and growing, and women want to be a part of it. By 2016, there were an estimated 11.3 million women-operated-businesses in the United States alone, employing over 9 million people and generating over $1.6 trillion in revenue.

In fact, women own more than 21% of all franchise businesses. Moreover, about 2/3 of franchise enterprises have a woman at the top.

In a recent survey by the Franchise Business Review, 90% of women responded they enjoyed operating their businesses. With this in mind, we want to share some tips for women seeking...


The year 2017 was a promising year for the franchising industry. With its ups and downs, the franchise industry ended up accounting for approximately $426 billion in 2017. That was a 2.1% increase in comparison to 2016, which accounted for $405 billion.

However, the franchise industry also saw major market trend changes that made franchisees readjust their approach to business to stay ahead of the game.

Let’s take a look at franchising in 2017.

Franchising and Numbers in 2017

Overall, the franchise industry saw an increase in output across all sectors. In total, the...


As a leader and a franchise owner, it's up to you to foster teamwork among your employees in order for everyone to be successful. However, with changing work schedules and working with different co-workers on a daily basis, it's sometimes hard for employees to feel a sense of teamwork.

As the franchise owner and team leader, you should implement different activities and strategies that will encourage your employees to work as a team to achieve the same goals.

Set Team Goals

Instead of focusing on individual goals, set team goals where everyone has to participate to make them...