Now’s the Perfect Time to Re-evaluate your Career Choice: Be Your Own Boss & Own a Hungry Howie’s Franchise

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Has this past year made you think about how your work impacts your life -- and how you WANT it to impact your life? If so, you're not alone. But we've got a fantastic answer for you!

Pandemic life has many people facing tough questions they may not have considered before, including:  

  • What happens if my company goes out of business?
  • How can I make the time I spend intentional, with work and life?
  • How can I ensure financial security?

If one -- or ALL -- of these have been on your mind, we think maybe it's time to be your own boss and own a Hungry Howie's franchise!

We'll take care of answering all those questions for you:

What happens if my company goes out of business?

Unfortunately, too many businesses have had to shut down or greatly reduce their staff during the pandemic. It's hard enough for the business owners themselves, undoubtedly, but it's also tough on employees. It's unimaginable for all. Everyone wonders how long their luck will hold out and they'll have to look for another source of income. Stress mounts over how bills will be paid and food will be put on the table. Morale lingers like a dark cloud. 

But if you are a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, things are on your side. You don't have to depend on a company staying in business that's out of your control. Your success is up to you -- and you're backed by a company with a strong reputation (and, did we say pizza?). 

Hungry Howie's has more than 525 franchisees in 21 states (and still growing!) -- and we've been doing this for generations. Not only do we know what it takes for things to work, but we also have a fantastic product that people will continue to want. 

As we've proven during the pandemic, we adjust. We did what we could to continue providing quality flavored crust Hungry Howie's pizza, whether that meant doing curbside pickups or touchless deliveries. And keeping our employees working when they could. 

Going into business for yourself, as a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, takes all the uncertainty away. And we can help you get started!

How can I make the time I spend intentional, with work AND life? 

Many have discovered this to be a time of deciding what really matters in life, and how they want to be spending their time. Whether they want to spend all day at the office, doing something they don't really love, and missing out on life's extraordinary moments. Sound familiar? 

As a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, YOU choose how to spend your time. You're working in a career that feeds your soul and life, and you're able to give back to the community in your work daily.

You're the boss; you're the one hiring others to help make your dreams come true, and who you want to spend your time associating with. You're able to integrate your life and your work as you see fit.  

It's amazing how your life can change when you realize you are in charge of your own destiny and you take hold of the reins! And with Hungry Howie's, that's absolutely possible (and probable!).

How can I ensure financial security?

Worry about financial stability is understandable when you aren't certain the company -- or your position -- will even exist two weeks from now. But as the owner of a Hungry Howie's franchise, YOU own the business. YOU are in charge of your financial success. 

You may not even realize how close your dream is to a reality: Learn about the financial requirements it takes to start making the dough and opening your own Hungry Howie's franchise, then discover how we will help you along the way. 

It can be intimidating to start your own business, but our proven franchise system speaks for itself. We've helped hundreds of people JUST LIKE YOU do it -- and find success. Many of our franchisees even own multiple locations. 

It also helps that the product speaks for itself. People love pizza -- and they love our flavored crust pizza. We've adapted our menu over the years to add more products people ask for, and keep up with the changes -- like having gluten-free pizza -- that ensures we're able to do what needs to be done as a company that lends to your continued success. How's that for financial security  for you?

Be Your Own Boss

For many people, the past year has brought a new way of thinking about work and life. Change your life and BE YOUR OWN BOSS when you open a Hungry Howie's franchise! Let's do this together!