Howie Do it: From Deciding You Want A Hungry Howie’s Franchise to Building and Opening it

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Congratulations! You decided you want to feed your soul in life and work by opening your own Hungry Howie's franchise, a leading pizza franchise with nearly 50 years of experience.  So now what is the recipe to make that happen? 

Let's take a look: 


When you've reviewed the financial requirements of opening your own Hungry Howie's franchise and know you have the assets required to start making the dough, it's time for us to start talking!

The first step is to fill out our contact form so one of our stellar franchise sales representatives will reach out to you. 

Moving forward, we’ll go over a financial qualification process where you'll thoroughly review the terms of our Financial Disclosure Document to fully understand your financial requirements and expectations. 

Papers and agreements will be signed, as expected. Then, once you have all the right ingredients in place, it's time to begin building.


With more than 525 locations in 21 states, Hungry Howie's looks forward to continually growing with you when you decide where you want to open your franchise location. 

We'll work with you to determine where you fit best. You can check out our availability here and decide if you want to be in an area with single- or multi-location franchises available. Keep in mind that multi-store operators can buy territories -- which you can't do with any other pizza franchise -- so you can have a stronger hold on the market! 

Some markets have more availability than others, based on a multitude of factors, including potential market saturation, proximity to another franchise, territories, and more -- because we use state-of-the-art data analytic tools to pinpoint locations that have the best potential to reach Hungry Howie's customers. 

If you don't have a location in mind, that’s ok! We like to help you find one that's within a 30-mile radius of your home, but our network of real estate brokers will work with you and us to select a location…all while analyzing markets and locations to ensure they meet our site requirements. 

And don't worry, our specialists will be by your side to help you close the deal as you negotiate your letter of intent and lease. We'll even help you manage the construction process once you seal the deal. 


You're new to the Hungry Howie's world, and we want to teach you Howie Do It. All of our new franchisees receive extensive training while construction is going on so you're confident in the skills you have to open your Hungry Howie's franchise and be ready for success.

You'll have in-store training and classroom training, along with online training and food safety training. Even if you have zero pizza experience (other than eating it), that's OK! Our training program will teach you all the ins and outs of food preparation, customer service, management, and local store marketing. 

When it's almost time for you to open your Hungry Howie's franchise, we'll be with you to offer support for your Grand Opening. That means on-site assistance for up to two weeks before, because we know it's a busy and exciting time. Our marketing staff will also be available to help you with your Grand Opening advertising campaign (can you picture it yet?).  


You've decided to open your own Hungry Howie's franchise. You went through the financial process and secured capital for your investment. You worked with our real estate experts to nab the best location for your franchise. You collaborated with construction experts to build your location, and you coordinated with our marketing team to spread the word. 

That's an elaborate process -- and worth every minute when it comes time to open the doors and invite the community in. We're here for you to celebrate, and help out with access to a full-time franchise consultant to provide ongoing support (an online learning programs about dough preparation and multi-unit supervision and more to assist you and your staff). 


You're thinking about opening your own Hungry Howie's franchise, so let's get started! You know that a Hungry Howie's franchise worksReach out and we'll contact you so you can start enjoying your own pizza franchise soon.