Moms: You're Boss at Home, Be the Boss at Work When You Open Your Own Hungry Howie's Franchise!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Hey, Mom: Now that the kids are back to school -- or off to college -- it's time to take your professional path into your OWN hands! That doesn't mean just throwing your resume out there and getting into just any ol' job. It means creating a career on YOUR terms, being your own boss, and achieving limitless potential: And that's exactly what owning your own Hungry Howie's franchise gives you. 

You're already the boss mom…now it's time to become the mom BOSS!

If there is anything the pandemic showed us is that women have incredible leadership skills that are transferable to an entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Often dubbed, “mom skills,” the qualities you possess from managing your household translate into being a business owner…here's how Hungry Howie's will help you make the most of your talents, so you can have a career that feeds your soul in work and in life:

Household Budgeter = Accountant

You know the best way to balance the household budget and make the daily finances work. Not only do you handle the day-to-day expenses, you account for the larger capital expenditures such as the washer and dryer that are on their last leg. You know that the end of the year has a different spending output with the holidays and saving funds in one place means there can be more to put into a vacation fund to make memories with your family. 

Every day, you have a running tally in your head on income and expenses for your household…which means you’ll bring competence to knowing where money is coming and going from your own Hungry Howie's franchise.  Start here to check out the financial requirements, so you can be on your way to owning your own business!

Household Shopper = Purchaser

It is not a massive undertaking for you to take inventory of what's needed for your household, then creating a budget and finding the best deals and getting everything you need.  From making a grocery list, to checking the sales, and planning meals for the week, you do this all regularly without much thought to it. You've become a master at keeping your family and household supplied with the things that it needs to run smoothly.

Well, guess what? That means that as a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, you'll already be well-versed in what it takes to make sure you have enough fresh mozzarella and supplies to keep up with demand and deliver to customers.

Hostess with the Mostest = Marketing Pro and Event Coordinator

Each year, you host family dinners. Friend gatherings. Birthday parties. You plan the events. You inform and invite others to the events. You make sure guests are well-fed, entertained, comfortable, and enjoying themselves. That's no slight feat!

As a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, you'll have opportunities to do that on a similar professional level! Through local marketing efforts, you'll decide how to best attract new customers. And you'll have events, too!

You’ll start with a grand opening.  Down the road, perhaps you want to invite a local Girl Scouts troop to tour your location, empowering tomorrow's women leaders to ponder being a business owner when they grow up…and just teaching and showing them what it takes to run a successful business (since that's what you'll be doing!). Or maybe you'll decorate your storefront for the season. 

At Hungry Howie’s, we’ve incorporated community outreach into our franchise, so you'll have a career that gives back every single day. (Even though we know you're already used to doing that.) 

Mom = Boss

As a mom, you know what needs to be done at home. You run the show and you delegate -- all while teaching lifelong skills and improving "output." 

You problem-solve dilemmas big and small. You mediate sibling quibbles to negotiate an outcome that appeases all parties. You master logistical problems -- like how to get both kids to softball and baseball practice in two different locations, 10 miles apart, at the same time. You deal with complex issues involving social-emotional well-being; you know how to encourage and discourage certain outcomes.  And you know how to effectively apply teachable moments for one person that will inspire action among an entire team.  

You're the bossmom at home. In charge, keeping things running smoothly. By becoming the momboss, you're the one in charge at work, too. And in turn, you're completely in charge of your whole life.  

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Become a MomBoss with Hungry Howie's!

Contact us today to learn about how you can open your own Hungry Howie's franchise, and benefit financially and professionally from all you've done and continue to do as a mom.