Love, Hope & Pizza: How You Can Have a Career that Gives Back

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Do you have a desire to help others? Many people can work in a job they like; even fewer have one they love…but how many can say that their career path brings joy AND consistently allows them to give back? As a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, you'll be rewarded in the best of both worlds. Daily.

Because owning a Hungry Howie's franchise feeds your soul in work and in life -- but it also incorporates opportunities to give back.

Love, Hope & Pizza

Surely you've seen our Love, Hope & Pizza campaign in October -- but did you know Hungry Howie's is proud to be a sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)? We've raised more than $3 million to provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer -- including through early detection, education, and support services. 

So for a dozen years (and counting!), Hungry Howie's has supported the NBCF by changing our recognizable yellow pizza boxes to pink every October during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness. 

But beyond that, we put our money where our mouth is: Not only do we donate funds from pizzas we sell throughout the country during October to the NBCF, but we also raise money for the charitable organization through in-store and online donations and selling some Love, Hope & Pizza gear. 

As a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, you'll also be invited to our "Pink Night" during our annual convention, where we all wear pink to show support. And you'll be taking part in the fight against breast cancer, every single day. 

Giving Back to the Community

We want to be more than "just" a pizza franchise. We want to connect, and make a positive impact on the community in whatever ways we can.

As a Hungry Howie's franchise owner, you'll have the opportunity -- like our other franchisees -- to choose a local charity or school in your community to start donating to. It's customary during our grand openings to donate a percentage of sales to that organization, and the charitable spirit extends beyond that. Not only have you made a connection in the community, but you're able to give back. 

How many other careers can say that's blended into your daily routine? Hungry Howie's can!

Helping Those in Need

As a company, it's in our nature to do whatever we can to help others. That goes across the board for all our franchisees, too -- because you all love being able to provide kindness (and that's why we love our franchisees so much!). 

During the pandemic, Hungry Howie's has done what we can to make sure first responders always had food ready while they were dealing with situations they've never encountered before. 

And you may have also heard about our Random Acts of Pizza initiative -- where we try to help bring joy back to people who were isolated and separated from loved ones during unprecedented times.  

Because sometimes it's the little things that mean the most.  

Pizza Fundraisers

If you have kids, or know someone who has kids, you've probably encountered fundraisers where the kids are selling something you may want, but you may not -- and feel obligated to buy anyway, because it's a fundraiser. 

Well, with our Hungry Howie's Dough Raiser, you won't see that. Because who doesn't love a Hungry Howie's pizza? Kids sell the decorative pizza certificate redeemable for a Hungry Howie's pizza, and the organization raises big-time funds quickly and easily!

YOU get to be part of that, as a Hungry Howie's franchise owner. YOU get to be part of the excitement of an organization's annual fundraiser. YOU get to be part of the jubilee when the recipient comes in to redeem their certificate, ravenous for a Hungry Howie's flavored crust pizza. 

(And although the program is suspended during the pandemic, rest assured it will be back soon!)

Hungry Howie's: A Career that Gives Back

Ready to open your own Hungry Howie's franchise and start giving back to the community? Learn more about how a Hungry Howie's franchise works, then contact us so we can start working together on where your Hungry Howie's pizza franchise will be!