Choosing the Best Location for Your Pizza Franchise

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

pizza franchise storefront

Congratulations on making the decision to open up a franchise! Now, one of the first steps is to pick a pizza franchise location. There are currently 550 Hungry Howie’s locations across the U.S., but there are still plenty of areas lacking in pizzerias.

Your local knowledge coupled with the franchisor’s experience and guidance can maximize your chance at success. The decision you make for a pizza franchise location should be well-researched, rational and systematic.

Below are some questions to consider when choosing the best location for your pizza franchise:

  • Who are the target customers?
  • Where do these customers live?
  • What drives customers to the business?
  • How and when do customers most frequently interact with the business?
  • Is a visible storefront important for the business?

When choosing a franchise location there are many details to consider such as traffic patterns, the amount of parking available and who your neighbors are. If your location is a large shopping center, you’ll be sharing space with a number of other shops. If the shopping center still has many empty spots, you may need to determine if there are plans for any other eateries to open and how this could impact your business.

Furthermore, think about the competition outside of your location. You may not want to open a franchise in an area that is oversaturated with other pizza places. If your Hungry Howie’s location is the only pizza place among other types of restaurants and chains, it could become a popular spot.

Finally, you have to think wisely about finances. At Hungry Howie’s, opening a new franchise will cost between $253,075 and $453,850. You will also need to think about being profitable enough to cover rent each month, along with paying employees and the cost of all the materials needed to run the business.

At Hungry Howie’s, once you sign a franchise agreement, you will be guided through site selection, lease negotiation and store construction.

Choosing a location can be difficult, which is why you should not have to go at it alone. The team at Hungry Howie’s is dedicated to franchisee success and can guide you through this arduous process.

If you have any further questions on opening a franchise, visit the FAQ on pizza franchise opportunities with Hungry Howie’s section.