Why We’re One of the Best Franchise Opportunities

Six Great Reasons to Choose Our Pizza Franchise

After six consecutive years of same store sales growth, Hungry Howie’s Pizza has over 550 stores in 21 states, but we're just getting warmed up.  In fact, we're taking our pizza franchise concept to the next level, and we want YOU to join us. Great areas are still available for single or multiple unit franchise development.  Multi-store operators can buy territories, which is something you may not find with other pizza franchise brands.

See for yourself how our focus on flavor, strong unit metrics, innovative technology, years of pizza industry experience, community involvement, and a family approach, combine to create a superb opportunity for our franchisees.  If you are looking for a leading restaurant franchise opportunity with over 43 years of success, you should consider Hungry Howie’s Pizza.

1.   “We Own Flavor”

We created the Original Flavored Crust® Pizza with mouthwatering seasonings baked right into the pizza crust.  We added Flavored Crust® to dough made fresh daily and 100 % REAL® Mozzarella Cheese, so whether it’s Butter, Asiago Cheese, Cajun, Butter Cheese, Sesame, Ranch, Garlic Herb or Onion, it's what makes our pizzas unforgettable.

But don’t worry, we took flavor a couple of step further with our Flavored Wings, Flavored Howie Breads® calzone-style subs and fresh salads giving us the opportunity to capitalize on one of the fastest growing QSR segments.  We even have gluten-free options!

2.  “Metrics that Work”

  • $666K Average Unit Volumes (“AUVs”)*
  • 45.46% Food, Paper & Direct Labor
  • 7 years of consecutive same store sales increases 

 3.   “The Tech Advantage”

We offer cutting edge technology, that includes a user friendly Mobile App for restaurant franchisees and easy to use online ordering for consumers. These are both integrated into our standardized POS system.  “Real time” sales figures and labor reports are available to you via our exclusive Howies Online Management Exchange (HOME) intranet site available through your web browser or our mobile app.  This gives you the opportunity to manage many aspects of your pizza business with easily accessible information.

4.  “Time Tested & Proven”

We’ve been around for 43 years, so the pizza business is not new to us. Hungry Howie’s Pizza is led by folks at every level that have hundreds of years of combined experience in the pizza industry.  We are experts at pizza, not just experts at franchising.  Each member of our leadership team understands our product, our customer and the importance of building and maintaining profitable sales. Find out more about our Leadership Team and their proven track record of success in the pizza business.  You’ll find a hard-working and dedicated team that has come together to make Hungry Howie’s Pizza the pizza franchise it is today.

Most restaurant franchises offer you some type of support, but our team gives you the guidance you need to get your pizza franchise up and running and drive profitability.

Here are some of the key areas where we provide support:

  • Development.  Once you sign a Franchise Agreement, our team guides you through site selection, lease negotiations and store construction.
  • Marketing.  We offer top-notch marketing and branding to educate consumers and drive sales. Grand opening and ongoing support for franchisees include print, digital, broadcast, social media and in-store materials.
  • Operations and Training.  Prior to opening, you or your Operations Manager will visit our Michigan headquarters and nearby pizza franchise locations for four weeks of classroom and on-the-job training.  After you open, in-store consultants spend two weeks in your franchise location. You can also expect weekly calls from our experienced franchisee support staff.
  •  Purchasing and Logistics.  Our own national distribution network supports your store with reliable service and all of the products you need to operate your pizza business. This creates efficiencies that are reflected on your bottom line.

5. Community Involvement - “Love, Hope & Pizza”

We believe in not only serving up a unique and delicious pizza but in making a difference in our communities.  In 2009, we launched “Love, Hope & Pizza”.  It started out as an idea on how we could show our love for the communities we serve.  Now, each October we sell our pizza in pink boxes to honor those who have fought breast cancer.  As of October 2015, our entire system has come together to donate over $1.3 million to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help find a cure and provide support to persons that are fighting this horrible disease. 

Watch our video to learn more about how you can become part of a company that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza gives you the opportunity to help local schools and organizations raise money.  Forget frozen. Pass on the pricey popcorn. Fundraise with the fresh flavor of Hungry Howie's Dough-Raiser!  We've made the program so simple. Organizations tell us the number of certificates they’ve sold and we ship them out, along with our fundraising kit and miniature Hungry Howie's Pizza boxes for delivering the certificates to customers.  They redeem the certificate for a hot, fresh, one-topping medium pizza at a participating Hungry Howie's, and, best of all, they can always add our free flavored crust!

To learn more about Dough-Raiser, check out http://www.doughraiser.com

6. “Be Part of a Family”

To this day, we remain a family-owned business and never forget our roots. At Hungry Howie’s, our staff is more like a family, and we foster a supportive atmosphere that makes work fun. We’re not just saying that – our franchisees and employees agree.

For the past two years, Franchise Business Review has named Hungry Howie’s Pizza a Top 50 Franchise based exclusively on ratings and reviews by our franchise community.  Franchise Business Review has also ranked us as one of the Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises based on the opinions of our multi-unit owners.

Thanks to our employees, since 2012, Hungry Howie’s Pizza has been honored annually by Crain's Cool Places to Work in Michigan and for four years running as a Top Workplace by the Detroit Free Press.

Winning awards is always an honor.  Winning awards because our franchisees and employees think we deserve them? Well, nothing tops that.  We will continue to be committed to support each other as we move into the future, nearing 600 locations in 21 states, and we hope that you’ll consider joining our family.


*Results measure company-wide same store sales figures for each calendar year 2010 through 2018. Excludes store sales from units in the State of Florida, units which are not obligated to and do not report sales to Hungry Howie’s Pizza, and units which opened and/or closed during each calendar year period from 2010 through 2018.

† Average Unit Volumes reflect average annual gross sales of 319 Hungry Howie’s Pizza units opened for the entire 52-week period from December 28, 2014 through March 30, 2018 (the Measuring Period). The 319 units includes all franchised and affiliate-owned units but excludes units in the State of Florida, units which opened and/or closed during Measuring Period, and units which are not obligated to and do not report sales to Hungry Howie’s. Of these 319 units, 131 (41.07%) had higher gross sales during the Measuring Period. Food, paper and direct labor cost information is obtained from income statements submitted to Hungry Howie’s Pizza. Figures reflect average cost information of 243 Hungry Howie’s units opened during the Measuring Period. The 243 Hungry Howie’s units includes all franchised and affiliated-owned units, but excludes units in the state of Florida, units which opened and/or closed during the Measuring Period, units which are not obligated to and do not report sales to Hungry Howie’s Pizza and units which either did not submit income statements or submitted any incomplete or improperly prepared income statements as of March 26, 2016. Labor costs do not include amounts paid to managers and/or owners. The 243 Hungry Howie’s Pizza units had an average food cost of 24.87%; an average paper cost of 3.44%; and an average labor cost of 17.75%. The sum of such costs averages is 46.06%. Of the 243 Hungry Howie’s Pizza units, 128 (52.67%) had lower food costs; 131 (53.91%) had lower paper costs during the Measuring Period; and 108 (44.44%) had lower labor costs during the Measuring Period.

Some Hungry Howie’s Pizza units have earned this amount. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you’ll earn as much. This advertisement is not an offer of a franchise. Franchises are offered and sold only through an FDD.  Please see our FDD for more details. State of New York: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a Franchise Disclosure Document filed with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law of the State of New York. Minnesota state registration number F-2873.  

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