Join our Family of Restaurant Franchises

The Restaurant Franchise Ownership Process
30 Minute Intro Call
  • About Us
  • About You
  • The Process
  • Commitment
Franchisee Qualification Process
  • Development Support Call
  • Marketing Support Call
  • Operation Support Call
  • Franchise Disclosure Document Review
Due Diligence
  • Restuarant Financing Pre Approval
  • Contact Franchisees
  • Create Your Own
Attend Franchisee Validation
  • Leadership Team Introduction
  • Meet with all Departments
  • Restaurant Operations Assessment
Corporate Review of Candidate Day
  • Financials
  • Candidate
Execute Franchise
  • Form Business Entity
  • Complete Paperwork
  • Sign Agreements Via Docusign
  • Pay Restaurant Franchise Fee

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Franchisee?
Hungry Howie’s Pizza looks for our core values in every possible franchisee candidate.

1.   Treat everyone like family

2.   Have integrity

3.   Do what you say

4.   Be hungry for growth

5.   Have positive energy


Candidates for restaurant ownership should also want to provide people the opportunity to enrich their lives and community. 

Our net worth and capital requirements for a new franchise are:

  • $100,000 liquid
  • $300,000 net worth
  • Credit score above 700
  • Ability to obtain financing for up to $275,000

These are minimum requirements and do not represent the total potential costs to open and operate one or more franchise locations.