Social Media Marketing Tips for Pizza Franchisees

Monday, November 28, 2016

As a franchise, your brand image is already strong, but you will still need to cultivate a strong local presence. One way to establish your new business is by creating a solid social media following. With Facebook boasting 1.6 billion users, Instagram at 400 million users and Twitter with 320 million users, social media is a straightforward and affordable way to reach locals.

However, if you’re not familiar with social media marketing, the process can be trickier than expected. Specifically, getting engagement (i.e. likes and comments) can be tough. Social media marketing for pizza franchises involves several elements.

Create a Community

Creating a sense of community among locals can help foster a bond between yourself and your customers, and entice them into returning because they know what to expect from your business. You can create a community by getting personal on your page. That is, introduce members of your staff through “Employee Spotlight” posts. You can also get to know your fans by asking for their opinions or asking them to take part in polls.

Get Local

Localize your content and appeal to people who live in your area. You can localize your content by promoting other local events, such as holiday happenings or school sporting events. If the local team made it to the Little League playoffs, promote how excited you are for the local kids. There are many ways you can promote growth and encouragement within the community while also establishing yourself as a local business leader.

Listen to Your Customers

Social media has become the easiest way for customers to connect with businesses, whether to praise them or to make their complaints public. It’s important that franchisees listen to their customers, which includes the good and the bad. If they give your Hungry Howie’s franchise compliments, thank them. If they have gripes about the location, connect with them and try to figure out a solution. In some cases, your customers may even make their preferences known, like bringing back a specific promotion. Listen to them and provide constructive feedback.

Create a Budget

Social media advertising can be done organically, but you are more likely to see success by making room in your marketing budget for social media. Each network demands a different type of content, so you may need to test out which platform works best for you. Also, be sure to determine your return on investment. Are new customers finding you through social media? Are people taking more advantage of social media promotions? Are you receiving more engagement? If you’re not seeing positive growth after spending money on paid social media advertising, you may need to reconsider your approach.