How to Create an Infrastructure for Growth?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

For any business owner, a business infrastructure provides a strategy map to the company’s growth. An infrastructure plan provides details on everyday operations, practices, and employees – including the franchisee. Each element of the infrastructure plan should be analyzed. Think of the business infrastructure plan as a resource for the business to mature and thrive into the future.

Here are five ideas for preparing your franchise infrastructure for growth.

Label Departments

Lay out an organization chart to detail each position needed to run the business, ranging from CEO and management to hourly employees. Separate each department by category, adding all related tasks or job descriptions to each category. Presenting your employees with everything they're accountable for is key to tracking growth.

Hire Top Talent

Find people who can do the work and also fit with your franchise culture. It’s very important to hire candidates that interact well with everyone on the team and applicants that can take on management positions. Foster relationships with others in the industry. Seek other leaders for staff recommendations, this will help you find valuable talent faster.


To conquer the challenges that arise with growth, you must take the time to hire people who are worth investing in. When it’s time to transition from managing everything to delegating that responsibility to a manager or supervisor, having the right employee is essential. Delegating will ease some workload from your shoulders and give you more time to concentrate on the bigger picture. Having that extra time to focus on the future plans for your business will help you grow even more.

Create a Projected Growth Plan

While pinpointing the exact direction your business will go is impossible, having a projected growth plan is crucial for advancement. A growth plan provides a reference to see if your business is moving in the right direction. Include future employees needed, materials, and training you might need as your franchise expands. Rank these items based upon need and budget. Keep this plan on the back burner and refer to it on a monthly basis to see where your business is going and if you need to make any adjustments.

Learn From Others

Learn from other successful franchisees. Other franchisees can help fast-track your learning. You can adapt some of those practices used to train, incentivize, and keep employees. Incorporating other management approaches into your business can result in a major shift. These effects will show not only in management but also in the everyday operations. Learning other business management styles can be a wakeup call for many franchisees.