How Strong Leadership Benefits Franchisees

Monday, April 10, 2017

One of the benefits of opening a franchise is becoming your own boss, something many people desire. But the benefit of being a franchisee is that every good leader needs good leadership.

When opening a franchise, you will be provided with some guidance which can help you in your efforts to be successful. Strong leadership is often a great advantage to new franchisees.

The Hungry Howie’s Leadership Team

The Hungry Howie’s Leadership team is made up of various professionals, some of whom worked for Hungry Howie’s and rose through the ranks to their current position. Back in 1973, President and CEO Steve Jackson was a delivery driver for the first Hungry Howie’s, and currently owns and operates 12 locations in the metro Detroit area.

Jennifer Jackson, Vice President of Development, started working with Hungry Howie’s in 1998 as a Fundraising Coordinator and later moved into various positions before becoming the VP of Development. Jeff Rinke, Vice President of Marketing, joined the Hungry Howie’s team in 1997 and he currently owns and operates a Hungry Howie’s in Michigan.

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Now, you may be wondering how this benefits franchisees. With a leadership team that has once been in your shoes, you can rest assured that many of these individuals know about the ups and downs of being a franchise owner.

Having been members of the Hungry Howie’s team for many years, the leaders and executives have a thorough understanding of the operations process. Using their knowledge, the leadership team makes sure franchisees receive support in key areas like development, marketing, operations and training, and purchasing and logistics.

Great franchise leaders should have vision, understand the business thoroughly, and be able to listen and learn from franchisees.

Did you know the Flavored Crust® was actually created by a franchisee who decided to put butter on pizza crust? The leadership team’s ability to learn from a franchisee and visualize the future paved the way for Hungry Howie’s signature flavored pizza crust.

A strong company starts with a strong leadership team, and when it comes to franchising, it is no different. When you join Hungry Howie’s, you have a strong network of support from a leadership team that is eager to see you succeed.