Benefits of Online Ordering Systems for Hungry Howie’s Franchisees

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Most restaurants are experiencing great success with online ordering systems. In fact, most customers now expect most restaurants to offer online ordering systems.

Providing an online ordering system shows your business is up to date. Since 2014, over 30% of diners have ordered food through their mobile phone or tablet. The demand is there. It is up to restaurants to fill the void.

Here are some benefits of online ordering systems for Hungry Howie’s franchisees.

Drive More Revenue

Imagine your online ordering system is another cash register. It will drive more business. Offering online orders allows your customers to place an order more conveniently. Food cravings can come at any given time, especially pizza cravings. Being prepared to meet your client’s needs at the touch of their fingertips is extremely valuable.

In fact, digital orders drive up to $4 more on average than non-digital orders. Thanks to the convenience of their phones or computers, consumers tend to take more time ordering and are more inclined to buy an extra item.

Better Marketing ROI

By offering an online ordering system, you can provide your customers a somewhat tangible space to interact with your brand online. This helps your marketing efforts, such as SEO, Facebook Ads, SEM, native ads, etc. which may, in turn, lead to an increased return on investment.

Many studies prove this theory. Some studies suggest that 97% of customers use the Internet as their primary tool when looking for a place to eat. Offering an online ordering system gets you closer to those customers looking for the best place to order pizza - in this case, yours.

More Accurate Orders

The phone has always been the go-to tool for ordering pizza. However, long gone are the 20-minute calls due to miscommunication or bad phone signals. Save your employees much needed time, and avoid as many incorrect orders as possible. Online ordering systems can guarantee a perfect pizza order, as long as your employees are diligent and pay attention to detail.

Online ordering systems can also help improve your up-selling game. The ability to display as many extras, toppings, or sauces, makes it so much easier to up-sell to the customer. Remember, an online order drives up to $4 more on average than non-digital orders.

Improve Customer Service

Most franchisees believe online ordering systems take away from human interaction. However, customers still interact with employees and the delivery driver. These interactions will likely be less rushed. The staff will be more focused on providing better customer service (and less busy answering calls). Plus, it improves productivity across the franchise.

Collect Key Data

The opportunity to keep track of the customer’s preferences is an enormous advantage. Building a database through your online ordering system is the best way to obtain critical data.

Extensive data can help tailor a customer's online experience. The ability to customize suggestions, offers, or loyalty programs, is precious for franchisees.

Right now, online ordering systems for Hungry Howie’s franchisees prove to be extensively beneficial.